Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Needle Felt machining

 Great meeting again today, Maggie took the session introducing the group to the embellisher machine, nearly everyone had a go, or were happy trying their hand with the hand embellisher needles available. Lots of discussion about how useful this technique is in creating a background fabric ready for stitching.

Maggie also distributed a bag of Cotswold fleece to all the members present, with advice on how to wash, card and spin. Many thanks to Edna of Cotswold Sewing machines in Stroud for sourcing the fleece for me.

In the afternoon Pam took a party of the members along to the Cricklade Museum to have a look round, which was enjoyed by all. We had also bought along some of our own work, although many members continued to work on the needle felting.

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Kath Danswan said...

HI all. Looks like you had fun. I bought my embellisher on e bay from Bedford sewing machines. At recent shows however talking to suppliers I was interested to hear that Phaff have stopped producing them as they say they have run teir course. I DON'T Think so.