Thursday, 21 January 2010

Day Group meeting -12th January 2010

We did wonder whether we would have to cancel the meeting because of the heavy snowfall. I think though, as we were all so fed up with being isolated inside our homes, that we decided to meet anyway. The main roads had been cleared, and the footpaths and roads in Cricklade had been treated, so we went ahead and had a wonderful meeting.

Everyone was keen to show the work they had been doing for our Lydiard Exhibition in March, and some very inspired work is being created. Think this is going to be a brilliant Exhibition. We also celebrated the success of our December 2009 Exhibition at Frameworks in Swindon.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Evening Meeting - 18th January 2010

Despite all the cold and snowy weather of the week before, the meeting went a head in the cosy warm room at the school. We had a wonderful and inspiring demonstration and workshop, led by our very talented member Brenda.

She had made up some small kits for us all to use, and showed us some wonderful ways of experimenting and playing with cocoon strippings.

Not the easiest samples to take photos of, but hopefully next month everyone will remember to bring their samples and I will get a photo of them all. I was so involved in working I must confess I forgot to take the photos!